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Vehicle hulls and turrets are cast in resin, while gun barrels, hatches and other small bits are white metal. Vehicles, equipment, and figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly.

Welcome to Army Group North Miniatures

At AGN Miniatures we produce the finest quality WWII resin vehicles in 1/56 scale; just the right size to complement the many excellent ranges of 28mm WWII figures also available in our catalogue.

All of our vehicles are individually hand cast from one piece molds. This means that our models have no mold lines or seams of any kind! Your new tanks can be assembled and ready to paint in only a few minutes.

What's New at AGNM ?

 The Pak38 50mm AT gun provided a significant increase in penetrating power over the Pak36. This excellent AT gun began to enter widespread service in the German army in 1941 and continued to be used right up until the last days of the war.

 German infantry, motorized and panzer grenadier regiments almost always contained a battery of sIG33 15cm Infantry guns. Enemy strongpoints could be quickly suppressed or destroyed by the considerable weight of fire delivered by these heavy guns.

The AMR 35 was intended to provide armoured support for the growing number of French motorized and mechanized dragoon regiments. Our model features the early production 7.5mm MG turret and the somewhat improved 1935 Renault suspension.

In order to deal with enemy armour, a number of steps were taken to improve the capabilities of the AMR35 series. The first idea involved adding a 13.2mm Hotchkiss heavy MG into a re-worked turret, thus producing the AMR35 ZT1. In order to make it fit the MG had to be mounted sideways, thus producing what may be one of the most oddly shaped turrets of the war.

The most effective variant of the AMR35 series was the AMR35 ZT3. Argueably the first true tank destroyer of WWII, the ZT3 featured a 25mm AT gun mounted directly into the hull and a raised observation port for the commander. Unfortunately for the French army, very few of these handy little tank killers were actually produced.

 It's back! The mighty T-35 is truly a masterpiece of misguided pre-war Soviet engineering. If you have ever had the urge for your tank to be able to fire a broadside, then this is the model for you.

 The early war German army relied on the Pak36 AT gun to defeat enemy armor. Although an excellent weapon against light tanks, this 37mm weapon soon proved to be incapable of stopping the heavier French, British or Soviet tanks.

 German infantry doctrine called for close fire support during offensive operations. For much of the war this support was provided by the 7.5cm Infantry Gun which proved to be effective providing either direct or indirect fire.

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